What We Do

Total Biometrics Inc. provides technology with the latest advancements in Facial, IRIS, RFID and Fingerprint biometric identity recognition. We offer leading solutions, innovative product designs, PIV certified, fake and live detection with multiple modalities of authentication. Our solutions accurately and quickly identify users removing the possibility of security breaches while lowering administration functions and cost.

We offer a range of solutions allowing you to choose the best products to fit the projects and applications for your business, as well as the budget.

Our partners provide technologies with the mission of simplifying and protecting high value assets and those who access them.

We offer a selection of enterprise wide or standalone biometric access control and time and attendance solutions for any need, big or small.

SMB, government, law enforcement and large corporate markets are quickly adopting biometrics as a way to prevent fraud, provide hardened security for facilities and to protect their most valuable assets, employees and clients.

System integrators have a choice to select individual hardware and software components to integrate their own customized solutions, or select a complete access control package to simplify and assure the client gets the optimal value and features to protect their business. See more at www.totalbiometrics.com.